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 India's 1st AI-powered Assistive Tool for Consumers Conforming to July 2020 Enforcement of Consumer Protection Act 2019 - Patent Pending

This tool assists you with following features:

  1. Self-Validation of Consumer Issue  

VALIDATE ISSUE option is an interactive tool that can assist user with self-validation of consumer issue in India as per July 2020 enforcement of The Consumer Protection Act 2019.

A consumer can self-validate his or her issue using this option.

Given 2019 consumer protection law has recently been enforced, hence Voluntary Consumer Organisations and lawyers can also use this tool to quickly validate a new consumer issue such as issue related to late delivery by a marketplace e-commerce entity.

   अब आप अपना मुद्दा हिंदी में भी जांच सकते हैं.*  (New!)   

  2. Self-generation of Legal Notice  

AI-powered GENERATE NOTICE option can be used for notice generation under 2019 act for purchase related consumer issue by filling a form and receiving the notice by email to their registered email-id.  

Consumers can self-generate their ‘consumer notice’ by providing factual details about their issue.

A lawyer can also use this tool to generate the ‘lawyer’s notice’ for his/her client.

  3. Searching in Indian Consumer Law  

SEARCH CONSUMER LAW option helps user search for information such as complaint format, fee, jurisdiction, mediation rules, appeal procedure etc. in consumer laws in India. 

User can enter the search query in plain English, and an advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithm processes consumer’s query to find best match for the same in legal documents. 

Search results get listed with match-score so that user can take informed decision. 


The Consumer Protection Act 2019 came into force starting July 20th, 2020. Hence, for new consumer issues search results related to 2019 act and 2020 rules and regulations must be referred. 

For matters filed prior to mentioned date, search results related to 1986 act, rules, regulations and amendments are relevant. 

  4. Completing the Loop 

To complete the loop for user, ‘Completing the Loop’ option lists external sources of information using which, user can find contact details of organizations, government authorities and agencies, relevant links to websites of judicial authorities and experts whom user might approach for further execution or any further assistance and legal advice.  


  5. Report Issues  

If you have any inputs, feedback on this pre-launch beta version tool and wish-list (such as areas that you might feel challenged in dealing with legal issues) please write to us using ‘Report Issues’ or ‘Login menu (top right) > My Voice’ option. Collective inputs from users like yourself would help us improve and align our upcoming solutions to serve you better.


  Feature No. 2, 4 & 5 require “Sign Up” or “Log In” (top right)  

  Check User Guide - Slide Deck for further details  

  Consumer.SunvAI wishes you success in resolution of your consumer issue.  

Security and privacy of your data is detailed under ‘Privacy’. 

Disclaimer: Software from SunvAI do NOT provide legal advice

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*Machine translated Hindi text validated using that of 2019 Consumer Protection Bill. Please report any errors if found.